West Ham United

Chairmans’ Lounge

Olympic Legacy

Transforming one of the most iconic stadiums in the UK, if not the world was not a challenge for the faint hearted. Works on the conversion started in 2013 and were completed in time for West Ham United to start playing fixtures at the stadium in 2016. Despite attracting controversy, the project was completed within the budget set aside for its conversion from the Former Olympic Stadium into the multiuse arena that we now see.

The London Stadiums boasts some Impressive statistics, the stadium’s roof is the longest of it’s type in the world, covering 45,000 sq. meters. It can hold up to 80,000 people for concerts, over 60,000 for football and 57,000 in athletics mode. The stadium is the most disability friendly in the world with 428 wheelchair spaces, and has more disabled seats that any other Premier League ground.It is one of the most well served stadiums with approximately 58 trains an hour, its also located on 20 bus routes.

Inside the stadium it accommodates 35 catering outlets, three bars, two premium dining rooms and two platinum experience rooms. Each of the restaurants, lounges and bars has been designed and inspired by the rich heritage of West Ham United.


Tradition in a contemporary setting

KCM Catering Equipment were employed by West Ham United to design, supply and install the modular bar system, and back bar refrigeration into the Chairmans’ Lounge bar. Working with the principle designer MacAusland Design, this was done to achieve a flexible bar that could serve a wide range of drinks, but also would be able to ensure that busier periods could be easily coped with, KCM designed the bar using IMC Bartender stainless steel underbar system, this provided a highly functional, good looking underbar that would not only suit the environment, but also provide the West Ham United staff with a perfect environment to serve the clubs board and guests. Included in the run of bar equipment was an ice chest, condiment preparation station, tiered spirit rack and perforated worktop amongst plenty of shelving and sink units. To compliment the bar system KCM also supplied back bar refrigeration from the IMC Ventus range, using the frameless glass doors and specially selected low intensity LED lighting the refrigeration looks fantastic but is subtle in appearance.

Supporting the bar operation, and located under the front bar is a Scottsman ice machine with integral waste pump, and Meiko glass washer with integral reverse osmosis water treatment to provide sparking glassware with minimal effort.

In addition to the main bar, KCM also supplied equipment for the buffet area within the lounge. This included a Marco undercounter hot water boiler with stylish counter font, filter coffee machines from Bravilor and plate dispensers from Counterline.

In order to hold food at the perfect temperature KCM also supplied multiple CookTek Incogneeto buffet holding units, using state of the art induction technology these work through the counter worktop having the benefit of not only looking minimal, being very efficient but also of being removed from the counter allowing the surface to be multipurpose.

KCM Director Alistair White commended about the scheme, “It was a real privilege to be involved with the scheme at The London Stadium, and especially in such a prestigious part of the project. There was a lot of work involved in what was actually not a large bar, however getting everything right before installing is always critical.

Working on such a large construction site was interesting and required us to adapt to the stringent site requirements. Health and Safety was a key consideration, but we rose to the challenge to complete the job to the satisfaction of all concerned. The bar will serve the club for many years to come and we are very proud of the scheme.”